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About Us

Dear all, our Company, Live Well, is a new player in the ecommerce sector. We understand that we are new, hence, we are giving initial generous offers for our products should you choose to buy them.

-Cheaper pricing, we are entering the market with a price penetration strategy, hence we lowered our prices significantly lower than our competitors.

-Better customer service, as a small business, we can guarantee better service as we ourselves were once customers, you will be talking straight to us, not any hired help or customer service exec! Do know that we treat each of our customers with the highest respect and will try to answer every question asked.

-Quality of the products , we always aim for the best quality possible and source our suppliers responsibly, we can share with you the many horror stories that we had from suppliers (spoilt boxes, no warranty, broken item, missing parts, missing packages from supplier lost while transiting, etc). We always do our best to ensure that the product we deliver to you is of functional quality and if need be, swap out spoilt packaging with better ones.

-Personalized Delivery , if you were to buy from us, and have any questions on how to use the product when delivered we will be glad to spare 5 mins to talk to you on how to use the product and if time permits, set it up for you. We are using our own personal vehicle to transport your goods, so rest assured, we treat your purchases with respect, and it should be delivered promptly to you!

I hope you enjoy our products and that you will consider buying from us.